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Tour Charter Director Lizzy Templer Featured in IQ Magazine

by Nov 9, 2023Private Aircraft Charters

Our Tour Charter Director, Lizzy Templer, was featured in an article on air charter in IQ magazine. The article, “Flights of Fancy: Inside the World of Air Charter, – The High Flying World Of Air Charter In the Music Industry”.

Templer On Tour - Photo used with Kind Permission of the Rolling Stones

Templer On Tour – Photo used with Kind Permission of the Rolling Stones

The following are her quotes from the article:

“London-headquartered Premier Aviation has been operating for almost 30 years, working on five of the top ten biggest tours in history. More than 95% of its business is dedicated to music, and the company ran more than 20 tour charters over the summer, varying from two weeks to eight weeks in duration.

“On any one day, we could have had ten to 12 flights going around Europe or the US at the height of summer,” reveals broking manager Lizzy Templer. “At the moment, you’re averaging two or three flights a day. It’s tough out there, but that’s good for the client – they know they’re getting the best prices.

“Over the last ten years, we’ve seen more and more tours out in South America. They all kick off in August, September, October, and then the Middle East, Asia, from Christmas to January, February. But without doubt, summer is the height because everybody comes to Europe to do their summer tours. There are so many more festivals around than there were ten to 12 years ago, so that’s given us a lot more business.”

Templer suggests the personal touch offered by Premier helps set it apart. “We’re there 24/7 from the day they ask for a quote,” she says. “You build up a relationship, and it’s remembered.”

“People charter because of convenience and being able to achieve much more than you ever could on a scheduled flight,” chips in Templer. “They can get to airports that scheduled flights don’t service and they’re obviously on their own timetable. You’re probably achieving two or three more gigs than you would do if you were trying to do it on a scheduled flight.”

The link is provided below:

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