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Airports serving Phoenix are below, time / distance are calculated using Downtown Phoenix as the main point of origin / destination. Of the airports listed below there is a combination of major airports for commercial flights and dedicated business aviation airports all have private terminals.


Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport (phx/Kphx)

Distance to airport, 3 miles – 9 minutes.
A large international airport also with private terminals.

Customs available with prior notice.

Operational: 24/7 with possible restrictions during night hours / slots required / complex airport. Transfers from and to Commercial flights can be complicated and lengthy due to the size of the airport.

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (aza/Kaza)

Distance to airport, 38 miles – 37 minutes.
Small Airport with some scheduled service, private terminals are available

Customs available with prior notice. 

Operational: 0600-2200 Local time



What Are The Cost of Private Jet Flights To phoenix?


All estimate costs are based on appropriate aircraft flying the sectors non-stop. Pricing will be less on aircraft from categories smaller those stated but incur a fuel stop.



airports serving phoenix, USA

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