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There are two main airports serving Stockholm – Arlanda and Bromma.

Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)

Stockholm Arlanda is the busier of the two airports taking the bulk of Stockholm’s commercial traffic, it is quite far out from the city centre 40km / 27 miles but a relatively quick drive – 35mins. There is no separate business aviation terminal here, but there are several level of procedures through their VIP terminal that serves commercial passengers.  Also special permission can be arranged for vehicles to drive alongside the aircraft for a direct transfer.

Operational: 24hrs

Stockholm Bromma (BMA/ESSB)

Bromma is just 8km/5miles from the city centre. It was Stockholm’s first airport constructed in 1936 but after Arlanda was built in the sixties much of the commercial traffic switched and it now mainly serves domestic traffic and business aviation. It has a separate private business aviation terminal which ensures quick discreet procedures from private jet to ground transport.

Operational: Due to its close proximity to the city centre the operating hours are quite restrictive. 0700 to 2200 weekdays, 0900-1700 on Saturdays, and 1200-2200 on Sundays.

What Are The Cost of Private Jet Flights To STOCKHOLM?

NOTE: All estimate costs are based on appropriate aircraft flying the sectors non-stop. Prices will be lower for smaller aircraft that require a fuel stop.

Airports Serving STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

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