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Carbon Offsetting for Air Charter Flights


Almost everything in our day-to-day lives will affect the environment in which we live to a greater or lesser extent, from the way we heat our home to the way our food is delivered. Looking more closely at that, one of the most significant by-products of humankind is the carbon emissions generated and we recognise that air travel is no different.

Mitigating Carbon Emissions

That aviation produces carbon emissions into the world’s atmosphere is undeniable but those emissions can be mitigated and at Premier Aviation, we believe that everyone who uses air travel for business or pleasure should consider offsetting the carbon impact of their flights through an accredited carbon balancing initiative. Taking such action will help to protect our environment for the future and for this reason, we offer all our clients the option to offset the carbon emissions of any flight booked with us through a meaningful and verifiable carbon offsetting initiative.

C Level Logo

To achieve this we work with C-Level, an internationally respected organisation who have been collaborating with climate change and carbon balancing projects for 20 years. C-Level have 11 major projects currently operating around the world, which provide more than just carbon offsetting. Their projects are operated through Edinburgh-based charity ‘The Plan Vivo Foundation’ who work to restore ecosystems and improve the livelihoods of the indigenous populations of those countries in which the projects are based.

Tree Planting - Carbon Offsetting Air Charter Music ToursOut of these, we have selected “CommuniTree”, a reforestation project in Nicaragua, South America, into which we will invest our client’s carbon credits. We have chosen this particular project because not only are they replanting many, many acres of valuable trees every year which, through the photosynthesis process necessary for all plant life, helps to remove carbon from our atmosphere, they are also teaching the indigenous population about land management and sustainability thereby creating long term income opportunities and livelihoods for the local communities.


Monitoring Carbon Tree Planting Nicaragua

Each carbon credit purchased offsets one tonne of the carbon emitted by your flight and for each credit you purchase you will receive a certificate of verification from the charity confirming your purchase. Your certificates will also be listed on the IHS Markit Environmental Registry, adding a further level of verification and therefore credibility to the initiative.