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Metroliner 23

Turbo Props

The Fairchild-Swearingen Metroliner 23 is a twin-engined regional airliner with a pressurised cabin.  Accomodating up to 19 passengers.  Made by the US-American manufacturer Swearingen Aircraft, later Fairchild-Swearingen. This aircraft is fantastic for nearby getaways with a larger group of passengers.

Metroliner 23

The Metro 23 is manufactured by Fairchild Swearingen a U.S. company and is a successful 19 seat turboprop airliner.
It has 19 seats typically 8 rows of one seat either side of aisle and 3 at the back. Some operators can configure their aircraft to 14 by using an executive layout.
Its cruising ceiling is 27,000ft with a good range of 2065 km.

What Is The Flight Range Of The Metroliner 23?

The map below shows the range of the Metroliner 23 with an average payload departing from Farnborough, London, UK