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Learjet 45/75

Light Jet Aircraft

The name Learjet has always been synonymous with jet travel, Bombardier introduced the larger Learjet 45 to supersede the widely recognized Learjet 35 from the early days. Then in 2012 introduced the Learjet 75 – better performance but same size cabin as the Learjet 45.

Although the Learjet 45/75 series’ cabins are not stand up height they are longer than any other light jet – with generous baggage capacity. They can seat up to 8 passengers in individual seats and cruising at a speed of 530mph with a maximum altitude of 51,000ft, it is one of the fastest in the light jet category.

LearJet 45/75 Flying Over Mountains
Learjet 45 Interior

Learjet 45/75 – Quick Statistics

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(Important) - Aircraft Flight Range

Aircraft flight range depends on many factors -  wind, the direction of travel, number of passengers and amount of luggage/weight.  The below range is only an indication, please talk to us for precise calculations. Contact Us.

What is the flight range of a Learjet 45/75?

The map below shows the range of a Learjet 45/75 with an average payload departing from Farnborough, London, UK