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Embraer Legacy Jet 600-650

Large Cabin Jet

The Embraer Legacy 600-650 seats up to 13 passengers in a full stand up cabin offering the very latest entertainment systems including DVD, audio systems and airshow. First class catering and drinks can be offered.

Embraer Legacy 600-650 Jet flight
Falcon 2000 EX LX S Luxury Jet Interior

Embraer Legacy 600-650 – Quick Statistics

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(Important) - Aircraft Flight Range

Aircraft flight range depends on many factors -  wind, the direction of travel, number of passengers and amount of luggage/weight.  The below range is only an indication, please talk to us for precise calculations. Contact Us.

What Is The Flight Range The Embraer Legacy 600?

Please see below.

What Is The Flight Range The Embraer Legacy 650?

Please see below.