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Citation X

Super Mid-size Jets

The Cessna Citation X is considered to be one of the finest, fastest and most reliable corporate business jets in aviation. Being one of the fastest private jets for hire in the history of aviation you are guaranteed quick and effective business meetings so you can arrive without a hitch.

In its infancy, the Citation X could have been classed as a completely new aircraft. It was Cessna’s first aircraft to use a Rolls-Royce engine plus fully integrated avionics and, even though the aircraft body keeps a strong resemblance to the previous Cessna executive jets, the big difference is the wing design that helps it fly further making it a perfect long-range and transcontinental aircraft.

The cabin usually has 8-9 comfortable individual seats, with fold-down tables and a small W.C. at the rear. A choice of cold meals or snacks with hot beverages or drinks from the bar.

Citation X flying in fantastic blue sky

Citation X – Quick Statistics

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(Important) - Aircraft Flight Range

Aircraft flight range depends on many factors -  wind, the direction of travel, number of passengers and amount of luggage/weight.  The below range is only an indication, please talk to us for precise calculations. Contact Us.

What is the flight range of the Citation X?

The map below shows the range of the Citation X with an average payload departing from Farnborough, London, UK