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Challenger 300/350

Super Mid-size Jets

Bombardier introduced the Challenger 300 to the Charter market in 2004 as the shorter range smaller brother of the highly-successful Challenger 600/604/ series. With its roomy cabin and great luggage capacity making it more attractive than the typical mid-size but not as costly as the heavy jet category.

In 2014 the Challenger 350 was introduced as the mid-range model following the popular 300, but still with the nice wide cabin that the Challenger is renowned for. It has a typical cruising speed of 530mph/853kph at up to 41,000ft with a range of around 6h30m making it ideal for the longer Europe trips.

A first class choice of hot meals, hot beverages and drinks served by the flight attendant from the comprehensively equipped galley.

Challenger 300/350 on tarmac runway
Challenger 300-350 interior cabin

Challenger 300/350 – Quick Statistics

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(Important) - Aircraft Flight Range

Aircraft flight range depends on many factors -  wind, the direction of travel, number of passengers and amount of luggage/weight.  The below range is only an indication, please talk to us for precise calculations. Contact Us.

What is the flight range of the Challenger 300/350?

The map below shows the range of a Challenger 300/350 with an average payload departing from Farnborough, London, UK