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Cessna Citation Latitude

Super Mid Size Jet

The Citation Latitude was developed to fill the need for a larger more roomy aircraft than their mid-size Citation XLS. The cabin is much wider and taller, but the aircraft remains economical, so a great choice for a modern business jet. With a range of around 6 hrs, ideal for the longer sectors.

Equipped with a hot meal galley and separate W.C.

Cesna Citation Latitude flying in clear Blue Skies
Cessna Citation Latitude Interior Cabin

Cessna Citation Latitude – Quick Statistics

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(Important) - Aircraft Flight Range

Aircraft flight range depends on many factors -  wind, the direction of travel, number of passengers and amount of luggage/weight.  The below range is only an indication, please talk to us for precise calculations. Contact Us.

What Is The Flight Range Of The Citation Latitude?

The map below shows the flight range of a Citation Latitude with an average payload departing from Farnborough, London, UK