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Dornier 328 Jet

Dornier Jet Exterior

Dornier Jet Interior

Dornier Jet Commuter layout

Dornier Jet 29 Seats

  Seating Capacity:   14/32
  Baggage Capacity:   32 medium size suitcases
  Crew:   2 pilots / 1 Flight Attendant
  Maximum range:   1000miles/1609km/3h
  London/Nice:   1h 50m
  London/Geneva:   1h 40m
  London/Paris:   1h

  • The Dornier 328 Jet was introduced to cover the large gap in the market for executive jet / small airliner to seat 14-30 passengers.

  • Its short runway performance allows it to use many airports that the larger airliners cannot use.

  • It can be configured for 14/16/18 passengers (mix of executive and airline seats) or 20/29/32 (airline layout) passengers.

  • It is equipped with a full galley with the ability to serve hot food.
  • It has very good baggage capacity - 32 suitcases - similar to its sister model - the Dornier 328 Turbo Prop - seating 12 in VIP configuration, and 19 / 32 in commuter.