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Citation Encore

If you are looking to charter a private jet, the Citation Encore by Cesna is ideal for flights within a 3,000km radius.  Ideal for many destinations.  A fabulous and quick jet. With that flying range, you can pretty much choose the location.
Citation Encore Flying Above The Clouds

Citation Encore Quick Statistics

Seating Capacity:7
Baggage Capacity:7 Medium Soft Bags
Crew:2 Pilots
Maximum Range:1940miles/3122km 4h
London/Nice:1h 40m
London/Geneva:1h 15m
  • The Encore is the upgrade from the Ultra, with better performance and slightly larger cabin.
  • Maximum cruise speed is 480mph/772kph at 35,000 ft.
  • The cabin comfortably seats seven passengers, offers full cold catering and has an enclosed W.C.

To get an idea of the flight radius of the Encore, please take a look at the map below.

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