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Falcon 50

Super Mid-size Jets

Loosely based on the earlier twin-jet Mystère/Falcon 20 and 200 family, the Dessault Falcon 50 is almost a completely new aircraft design. Dassault broke the mould and added another engine making it a trijet. Plus they added a new supercritical wing of a much greater surface area.  The result is a beautifully stable and fast jet aircraft with a huge flying range and great runway performance.


Falcon 50 in flight above clouds

Falcon 50 – Quick Statistics

Seating Capacity:9
Baggage Capacity:115 cubic feet
Crew:2 pilots / 1 Flight Attendant
Maximum Range:3709miles / 5970km / 7h
London/Nice:1h 45m
London/New York:8hr PLUS a fuel STOP

Designed using computer moulded fluid dynamics software, the Dessault Falcon 50’s wings are perfectly designed to minimise drag, especially at high speeds and due to the fact that a lot of the noise private jets produce is due to wind resistance, this makes the Falcon 50 a relatively quiet jet for its size.

Striking a good balance between range, runway capabilities and cruising speed this jet comes out rather well.  A twenty-three feet cabin with a huge intercontinental flight range, it cruises at an average of 468 knots.  The flying performance and takeoff distance make it an ideal executive jet.

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How Far Can The Falcon 50 Fly?

The map below is a guide of the (radius) distance the Falcon 50 can fly from Hong Kong airport.