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Beechcraft King Air 200/350

Beechcraft King Air 200 Exterior

Beechcraft King Air 200 Interior

Beechcraft King Air 200 Interior

  Seating Capacity:   7-8
  Baggage Capacity:   8 medium soft bags
  Crew:   2 pilots
  Maximum range:   3h/1960miles/3150km
  London/Nice:   2h25m
  London/Geneva:   1h50m
  London/Cologne:   1h15m
  • The King Air turbo prop has been in manufacture since the 60's, and is still the most popular pressurised turbo prop. The latest model is the King Air 350, with a slightly stretched cabin making it 2 ft longer than the -250 model, and better performance with the addition of winglets.

  • The King Air has a maximum cruise level of 25,000ft is 540km/hr and with a landing run of just 536m and take-off run of 567m there is easy access to a great number of small remote airfields. The other advantage over the small jets is the ability to operate 24hrs into some airports where jets have a night time curfew.

  • It has a comfortable and roomy 'squared-oval' pressurised cabin. The air-conditioned cabin is usually fitted with seven or nine seats. There is a toilet separated by a sliding door, and good baggage capacity.