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  • Jet airliners are available in luxury executive versions with long-range capabilities. These are very versatile, enabling principles to undertake extensive tours in comfort, security and privacy; or to enable a larger group of passengers to accomplish a long-range trip within a short period of time and rest comfortably en-route.
  • High-level meetings can continue during flight or the aircraft can be used as a conference facility for presentations or press conferences on the ground at each destination visited.
  • Luxury in-flight cabin service with hot meals, hot beverages and bar.
  • Most are fitted with video / DVD systems for in-flight entertainment
  • Some are fitted with 'Staterooms' including beds and showers.

Below are a selection of just some of the airliners available for charter.

Airbus 318 Elite

Range: 3500miles/5632km/8h30m

VIP 18 seat layout.

Airbus 318 Elite Private LoungeAirbus 318 Elite LoungeAirbus 318 Elite Private LoungeA318 Elite InteriorAirbus 318 Elite Seating Layout

Airbus 319CJ

Range: 3500miles/5632km/8h30m.

VIP 29 seat layout.

A319CJ 29 Seat InteriorA319CJ 29 Seat InteriorA319CJ 29 Seat InteriorA319CJ 29 Seat Interior
A319CJ Seating Layout


Airbus 319CJ

Range: up to 6900miles/11100km/12hrs.

VIP 34 seat layout.

A319CJ InteriorA319CJ Interior
A319CJ Private Lounge A319CJ Recliner
A319CJ Seating Layout

Airbus 310-300

Range: up to 6700miles/10800km/11.5hrs.

187 Seats consisting of 20 Club / 18 First Class and 147 Economy

Airbus 310 Interior
A310 Seating Layout


Boeing 757

Range: up to 4600miles/7400km/10hrs.

VIP 49 seat layout.

B757 MealB757 SeatsB757 LoungeB757 Seating Plan



Range: 3,340miles/7 hours.

VIP 40 seat layout.

MD83 VipMD83 Vip MD83 40VIP Seat Plan


VIP 54 seat layout.

MD83 Executive CabinMD83 Executive Seats

MD83 54VIP Seat Plan



VIP 60 seat layout.

MD83 60 Seat Interior

MD83 60VIP Seat Plan


167 leather seat layout.

MD83 Interior


  • Other available MD83 cabin configurations:
    20 business - 110 coach 
    36 business - 70 coach
    52 business - 19 coach