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Premier Aviation Press Release (31 October 2008)

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Only If You Charter a Jet or you are Superman

Forget budget airlines, scheduled or first Class, the only way is to hire an executive jet. With the continued globalisation of all things business, sport and entertainment, the need to be in 'two places at once' is moving ever closer.

Recently a senior business man had the seemingly impossible task of attending 4 business critical meetings over two days, 'no problem you say' until you realise they are in 3 different countries.

How about a 20 minute check in time prior to take off, pre-clearance with immigration prior to landing, out the airport in another 20 minutes in to a private car waiting for you.

When you charter an executive jet you can fly to and from any number of local and international airports across the World, and if you book through an experienced charter broker they make the experience easy, fast and ensure you get the best deal.

If you consider that the smaller executive jets carry between 6 and 8 passengers, then compare the costs against first class business travel for the same number of travellers you can see where the private jet is a compelling alternative to conventional airline travel.
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Private jet hire is not the cheapest form of transport but it is the quickest, so if you find yourself with a schedule fit for a superhero - there is another way!

Mr Adrian Whitmarsh is the Managing Director of Premier Aviation. Adrian is well known throughout the music and business world, the company specialises in the provision of aircraft charter from small executive jets through to business airliners. With 25 years aircraft charter experience and offices in London, New York and Sydney, Premier Aviation is well positioned to fulfil all global charter requirements.

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Premier Aviation Press Release (31 October 2008)