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20 Years of Aircraft Charters, Rock & Roll!

August 2014 will be a big month for specialist aircraft charter broking company Premier Aviation UK Ltd who are celebrating 20 years’ service to the music and entertainment industry this month.

Founding director and industry stalwart Adrian Whitmarsh said, “Over the last two decades Premier Aviation has built an enviable reputation with some of the world’s greatest performers including the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Osbourne and most recently Miley Cyrus and the Rolling Stones to name but a few. Many of these major artists have remained regular and loyal clients, returning to us time and again for their tour and personal air charter requirements.”

Premier Aviation have been part of the Hunt & Palmer PLC Group since 2011 with the benefits that brings to both organisation and clients alike. Group Chairman Jeremy Palmer commented, “As a part of a larger aviation company, Premier Aviation’s clients enjoy a global support network and the increased buying power that Hunt & Palmer have with the world’s leading aircraft operators. In addition we can offer a wide range of other air transport services – such as cargo chartering - which complement the Premier Aviation offering.”

Whitmarsh is also keen to highlight his company’s proven credentials, “I believe that when we started Premier Aviation 20 years ago we were the first aircraft broking company dedicated to music and entertainment and although others have tried to copy our model since, we are still the premium choice for many tour managers, record companies and artists,” he says.

Jeremy Palmer adds, “Beware of copycats! Only last week a relative newcomer to the aircraft charter business claimed publicly that they had recently set up the industry’s first music and entertainment division, which is clearly not the case, so I would urge people to check carefully any claims made by such businesses before booking their travel arrangements with them”.

Emphasising the importance of the company’s expertise and the attention to detail needed for a successful operation Whitmarsh concludes,” When musicians go on tour, there are significant logistical challenges in moving people and equipment from country to country in a specific time frame. I am proud to say that Premier Aviation is recognised throughout the rock, pop and classical music industry as providing exceptional service to our clients throughout our first 20 years and we shall continue to do so for the next.

LFMN Nice Airport

Runway slots are strictly controlled and have only 10 minute windows (+0/-10m). If flight schedule needs to be changed a new runway slot must be obtained as any flight plans that do not coincide with runway slot will be cancelled and the operator could get fined up to Euro7500!

Therefore it is vital passengers are on time.

Fleetwood Mac - On a jet plane

Following is a news article from TPI Magazine – an industry magazine for the entertaintment touring industry.

Lizzy Templer, Senior Charter Broker at Premier Aviation (Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton) was introduced to Fleetwood Mac by the band’s Tour Manager Marty Hom years ago. Premier Aviation did the 2009 tour with the band and returned as a vendor in March after Templer and co were tasked with researching the show cities and most appropriate airports. Said Templer: “Airport curfews play a big part in determining when the artists fly, and across Europe there are quite a few! However on this itinerary they were quite lucky with the majority being 24 hour airports.

“Ongoing throughout the itinerary adjustments, is the important part of sourcing the most suitable aircraft to suit the passenger load and the flying involved, as a broker we ensure that any aircraft and operators we offer do fulfil a strict criteria that we personally set for service and operational levels.

“Marty had 13 passengers so we concentrated our search on large wide bodied business jets, the final choice being the spacious Bombardier Challenger 850 with 13 seats in executive layout.

“Where possible we arranged for all the bags to be screened and loaded in advance of the passengers, so that when FM arrived at the airport they could just board in the minimum time. We also monitored all the movements and kept in touch with Marty prior to each flight.

“Talking and liaising for the last seven months with the delightful Marty Hom was a highlight. I was also really pleased to see the show at the O2 Arena, it is very easy to get absorbed by the details of the charter logistics and forget what it is actually all about - a very great show by a really big band,” she concluded.

Full article provided by TPI Magazine can be found here on a jet plane.

Pets on Board

When travelling by private jet charter for a holiday, it is possible for the whole family to travel together, including the 4 legged members:

However, it should be noted that there are certain criteria to follow and the information below should serve as a brief guide to help you plan ahead. The general rule for cats and dogs and ferrets too, when travelling within the EU or non EU listed country!

Pet passport – Obtainable from your vet. Microchip – The number of the microchip must be listed in the pet passport.

Rabies vaccination – Get your pet microchipped before the rabies vaccination or they will need to be vaccinated again.

Tapeworm treatment for dogs – This must be administered between 1-5 days before arriving in the UK, and must be recorded in the pet's passport.

There are many anomalies however and if in doubt the best source of information can be found here taking your pet abroad.

Dedicated Customs & Immigration service now at London Luton Airport

Following extensive negotiations with UK Border Force (UKBF) some London Luton Airport handling agents for private jet charters are now able to offer a dedicated customs & immigration service. This will now alleviate issues we have had in the past that has meant passengers being hauled over and cleared at the main commercial terminal. The service went live on Monday 6th January 2014 whereby a dedicated UKBF officer is on site so that the officer can clear passengers in the comfort of their own aircraft or at the very least in their own private passenger lounge. This service is available from 06.30am till 22.00 where there is a small UKBF Immigration charge per international arriving aircraft. For out of hours service between 22.00 to 06.30am these will be either remotely cleared as normal or met by a roaming officer.

Is It Legal?

People looking to take specially chartered air taxi flights to meetings, conferences and events have been advised to check the operator of their flight has been approved before booking their trip.

Any UK-based individual, organisation or company offering flights in return for payment must have an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) issued by the CAA. This means they are regularly checked out by the CAA to ensure they maintain and operate their aircraft to stringent commercial air transport standards. Anyone requesting payment for flights without an AOC is therefore breaking the law, is putting passengers at risk and may be invalidating the life insurances of all on board.

The CAA is now reminding members of the business community to take care when choosing the operator of their flight. All UK AOC holders are listed on the CAA website, making it easy for people to check if a UK operator is approved to provide commercial air transport.

Bob Jones, Head of Flight Operations at the CAA, said: "We know that many businesspeople enjoy the convenience of being able to fly to meetings and appointments across the UK and Europe. And with over 130 operators approved by the CAA to provide commercial air transport there is lots of choice out there.

"However we're also aware that some individuals or companies may be selling flights without the required approvals. This is against the law and passengers could be at risk if they book with them. It's therefore vital that people check the operator has an AOC before they book and report any concerns to the CAA." The requirement to have an AOC applies to anyone providing flights in return for payment, for example helicopter flights to get people to business meetings, small aircraft being used for leisure flights and jet airliners operating transatlantic services.

People can check if a UK operator has an AOC by visiting www.caa.co.uk/aocholders where all approved UK operators are listed. Non-UK air operators are required to hold an AOC granted by their own state. Anyone who suspects illegal commercial air transport flights are taking place can inform the CAA using our online reporting form.


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